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Professional Outdoor Plumbing Services in Lebanon, OH

Are you looking for an “outdoor plumber near me” in Lebanon or Greater Cincinnati? If so, you’re in the right place. You won’t find more affordable and professional outdoor plumbing solutions than when you hire Lebanon Plumbing & Drain. We offer outdoor plumbing repair, outdoor plumbing installation, outdoor pipe repair, drain clearing, exterior plumbing services, faucet repair, drain cleaning, garden hose bib installation, and more. We are a proud member of the Five Star Home Services Family.

Outdoor plumbing installations and outdoor plumbing repairs can be more complex than typical indoor plumbing. This is because of the various obstacles and components often located underground. Our licensed plumbers at Lebanon Plumbing & Drain utilize state-of-the-art technology and extensive training to diagnose and address all types of exterior plumbing issues in the area. Whether you need water spigot replacement, spigot and hose bib repair, or new installation, we have you covered like no other. We also provide outdoor drain cleaning services to keep your outdoor plumbing in excellent condition.

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One of the best ways to protect outdoor plumbing from freezing cold weather is by properly insulating pipes and installing frost-free faucets, also called winterization. This helps create a barrier from the cold air that would otherwise penetrate the pipe and cause freezing and damage. In order to properly insulate your pipe, you should use foam insulation sleeves or fiberglass insulation wraps for areas that are exposed to severe weather. Moreover, frost-free faucets should be installed in areas prone to freezing temperatures to prevent water from accumulating inside the valve and freezing it shut. By taking these steps, homeowners can significantly reduce the risk of their outdoor plumbing freezing during cold winter months.

Aside from insulating pipes and installing frost-free faucets, other preventative measures can be taken to protect outdoor plumbing. Homeowners should also consider running water through the pipes on a regular basis in order to keep them from freezing during cold weather. Additionally, they should disconnect their garden hoses during winter and drain any remaining water from outdoor spigots before temperatures get too low. Taking these small steps can help protect outdoor plumbing from freezing and ensure that it remains in good working condition throughout the winter.

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Whether your drain is clogged, you have a leak, or simply need help with your sump pump or septic system, it’s important to hire an experienced plumber that can do the job efficiently. As a local, family-owned and operated plumbing company, your friends at Lebanon Plumbing & Drain are trained extensively to handle all types of plumbing emergencies and plumbing work. We send out only the best. Each and every plumber on our staff is licensed, bonded, and fully insured. This allows us to guarantee quality work and offer the highest quality plumbing products at the most competitive prices.


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